Join Our Real Women Lingerie Test Group


From the beginning, we wanted to provide a service for women when it comes to what they wear for their shoots. Trying to buy lingerie online is a pain in the ass - honestly - have you tried recently?  All’s you get to see is a few stock photos on a website and try and figure out what size fits you. It’s very frustrating and very rarely do things fit like you expect them to, once you get them.


Lingerie can empower, inspire, and make you feel so damn sexy!!


We are always looking for more REAL WOMEN to join our test group for new lingerie!!


We are always on the lookout for new lingerie and when we find something we like - we order a full size run and then send out each piece to the ladies in our lingerie test group!! We would LOVE for you to join us!!






  • Fill out the form below and when you're selected we will send you our welcome kit. The welcome kit includes lots of goodies, most importantly our personalized seamstress tape measure so that you can get your measurements. We have a very detailed video on how to take your measurements so that they can be super accurate - as that's how we make sure we send you the correct size of lingerie when the time comes.





  • When we find new lingerie pieces we want to add to our client closet, we reach out to our test group for real women to tell us what they think about the lingerie! Is it comfortable? How is the sizing? How does it make you feel when you wear it? Would you buy it? We want to know what your REAL opinion is of it before we add it to our client closet & boutique!


  • Within 3 days of receiving your lingerie test kit, you will fill out a review form for each piece we send you - along with 4/5 photos of you IN the lingerie that may be shared with our tribe (we require a model release to join the test group) so that women can be confident when ordering lingerie from us - they are getting exactly what they think they are getting.


  • Once we get back all the photos / reviews we will decide whether to add the test pieces to our collection or not!


  • You keep every piece of lingerie we send you as our way  of thanking you for helping us help women across the country find lingerie that accentuates their beauty!