What to expect at your Boudoir Shoot

Nervous? We totally get that - and its SUPER normal!! Have you been thinking about booking your boudoir shoot but you're still not sure? Here is what to expect when you book with Sonder Joy Studios The nervous-excitement has started to set in. What should you wear? What will the location be like? Will it be fun?


We’re here to answer all of your questions and more. Whether this is your first or fiftieth photo shoot, we want you to feel completely at ease. Because, after all, this is about you feeling great about yourself!

Here’s what you can expect from your fun and phenomenal photo shoot. Step 1 Once you get to the location, you’ll probably notice a little something. Remember when we asked you what your favorite music was? Well now it’s the soundtrack to your day, and we’ve set up a playlist just for you.

Step 2 First thing we’ll do, when you get in, is to spread out all of those beautiful outfit choices (we recommend you bring 8-10 so we have a lot to choose from. We will shoot 4) and props (we welcome you to be creative.. with the exception of animals, and children!). This is also when we’ll discuss the narrative of the boudoir shoot, and what feel you’d like to go for, based off of the outfits you brought. Step 3 Now that we’ve picked out your wardrobe choices, it’s off to hair and makeup. You’ll experience the true star experience with our expert artists, together, you chat about what look you’re hoping to pin down. Don’t worry, this is a completely interactive experience! Feel free to ask questions and to give input throughout the process. Not sure which look to go for? We can certainly make suggestions! Step 4 Now that you’re feeling - and looking - fabulous, it’s time to get started shooting! We’ll start you off with the outfit you feel the most comfortable in and then work through the other 3 outfits. Don’t stress about facial expressions or what poses you’ll be doing, we’ll coach you through each and every one, and show you pictures along the way. Step 5

When we're done shooting, you'll be able to go have lunch and come back 90. minutes later to SEE YOUR IMAGES! That's right - you get to see all your amazing images the SAME DAY as your shoot! You’ll get to choose from 50+ of your best photos! You will have the opportunity to choose your album or wall art designs right then and there. If you think you might want wall art, try to bring some pictures of the space you’re considering, to make envisioning it that much easier. Closets, bathrooms, and bedrooms are just a few of the spaces you can spruce up with your new photos!

Throughout this process, it’s our mission for you to have fun and feel great about your photo shoot. We’re here for you along the way.


Grab our Dream Shoot Planner to see what a boudoir shoot is all about!

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Much Much Love,

Samantha Joy

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