Wondering What to Wear to Your Boudoir Shoot?

A lot of our clients want to book a shoot but they are overwhelmed by what to wear and where to shop. The best thing about booking a shoot with Sonder Joy Studios is that we walk you through your wardrobe selection. Here are some quick tips: -CHOOSE muted/matte/primary/pastel colors. Getting married? It's a great idea is to pick some lingerie that will match the colors of your wedding. -Bring at least one killer bra (with good support) and panty set. - If you are self-conscious about your middle, bring at least one corset or bodysuit. Shapewear is PERFECT also. Fitted things will actually be more flattering! We want to show your curves! - When choosing corsets, stick with corsets with a sweetheart neckline. When corsets are straight in the bust area it will flatten your girls instead of flattering them! -Shapewear is often overlooked, but it is a GREAT option! It is SUPER flattering and looks incredible in images! - Lace and layers look great. Intricate lingerie photographs beautifully! - Remember thigh highs and a garter belt. - Bring SKIN TONE and BLACK heels. The higher/skinnier the heels the better. The right heel can lengthen and slim your legs! If you would like to find out more information about booking your boudoir shoot, you can schedule a phone consultation or give us a call at 806-778-8020

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