You Can Do Hard Things

So, you've reached out, joined the list to be notified when the next dates open up, but you're scared!

I'm here to tell you not to worry! (Easier said than done, I know). We am here for you. It's totally normal to be nervous, scared even.

In fact, I tell me clients “if you're not scared, there's something wrong with you, you SHOULD be scared!”. Not there is actually something wrong with you if you aren't scared, but it is TOTALLY normal and okay to be scared.

You're going to be stripping down into practically (or maybe, actually) nothing in front of a stranger while they point a camera at you and have evidence of this for years to come…. IT CAN BE TERRIFYING! 😂

What I've learned over the years is when you're faced with fear, it is best to think of the outcome rather than what's scaring you.

Think of how you'll feel on the other side of this fear, think of how proud of yourself you will feel having been scared and done it anyway! Think about loving yourself and seeing yourself in a new light!

Having these images to bring you back and remind you of your worth and beauty is truly life changing, and I cannot wait for you to experience it! So, while you may be feeling a bit scared right now, YOU can do hard things!

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Much Much Love,

Samantha Joy

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